A visit to the museum

This room is clearly something of a crossroads: corridors branch off left and right, and it’s hard to tell which doors lead to exhibitions and which to the cleaner’s cupboard. The Keeper bustles around busily.

“Let’s see, what can I tell you? The museum is divided into halls,” – he waves at a map more artistic than informative – “and you can visit them in any order – or even all at once if you’ve mastered the art of ubiquity.” You suddenly notice a quiet chuckle at your other elbow, and wheel round in surprise to find him there instead.

“Clever, huh? The exit is through the gift shop – oh, I do love that cliché! – but you will need to finish all the halls first to get there.”

“All the halls are named after creatures significant to Tuataria, by the way: it seemed only appropriate, but I’m sure you’ll work that out for yourself. Now, where to?”

You peer at the map in mild confusion, not actually seeing the names of any halls, nor indeed any obvious route to reach them. Flummoxed, you turn to ask The Keeper’s assistance – only to find him instantly conspicuous by his absence: not actually so ubiquitous when you need him. You’ll just have to work this one out for yourself.

Each hall’s entrance can be found at thekeepershouse.uk/creature/ , replacing ‘creature’ with the name of the creature written all as one word without spaces or punctuation.

All passwords on this site are also written without punctuation, spaces or anything other than plain letters and numbers. You can find further help here.